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Welcome to Paladin Forge!

Here at Paladin Forge we offer custom and customized Medieval, Renaissance, and Fantasy weaponry as well as costume accessories.  Everything we make at Paladin Forge is hand-crafted with attention to detail. Designs may be influenced by historical pieces or may be purely imaginative, but everything you see here is fully functional art.  Each piece is handmade in the USA and therefore unique.  Browse our product pages to see examples of our work.  If something interests you take a look at the Ordering page for information regarding contacting us and commissioning a piece.

Paladin Forge is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and was established by Alan Schiff, an avid collector of historical arms and armor.

Alan has been collecting medieval weapons and armor for over a decade. While the offerings in the market are constantly changing, many collectors find themselves wanting something that production manufacturers don't offer. This means either getting a full custom job or customizing an existing piece to get what they want. Alan began customizing some of his own pieces shortly after starting his collection.

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The weapons available from Paladin Forge are fully-functional and are not toys. Please use caution while handling these pieces. It is the buyer's responsibility to know the legalities of purchasing and owning weapons in his/her locality. Paladin Forge is not responsible for injury or damage from the use or misuse of our products.

Please note that our pieces are hand-crafted so there may be minor deviations from perfection, such as grinding/sanding marks, minor asymmetry, etc. We will not put a piece up for sale unless it meets our quality standards.

All information, pages, and images on this site are copyright Alan Schiff.  It is unlawful to reuse or reproduce these items without express permission.