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Here are some of the previous pieces crafted at Paladin Forge!



This halberd is a mix and match of several pieces.  The main axe head with spike are from a Get Dressed for Battle German axe, while the spear head is from Windlass.  The axehead was fitted to the maple haft and the spear is threaded to screw on the axe and into the haft for a secure fit.

The specifications are as follows:

Overall Length: 82 inches

Axe Blade Length: 10 inches

Spear Blade Length: 8.5 inches

Head Width: 12 inches

Spike Length: 4.5 inches

Weight: 5.5 pounds


Light Hammer

This light hammer was inspired by those typically used by medieval horsemen.  The hardened and tempered head was forged from a railroad spike.  The haft is steel pipe for a lightweight but durable, fully-functional piece.  The grip is situated between two steel rondels and wrapped in suede.

The specifications are as follows:

Overall Length: 21 inches

Head Length: 6 inches

Hammer Head Length: 2 inches

Spike Length: 3.25 inches

Weight: 1 pound


Quartet of Pole Hammers

Made from heat treated 1080 carbon steel, these fully-custom, fully functional pole hammers were made for an instructor in Historical European Martial Arts.  They were designed for sparring and stage combat, so the spikes were left more robust and blunted for safety.  The face of each hammer is mushroomed and rounded for a large, smooth surface.  The hammers have four mounting holes on either side to ensure a tight fit.  Each also includes a pyramidal buttcap made from mild steel.

The specifications are as follows:

Overall Length: 25 inches (unmounted)

Length of Top Spike: 8 inches

Head Length: 8 inches

Length of Back Spike: 4 inches

Length of Hammer Poll: 3 inches

Socket Size: 1 inch (square)

Weight: 2.9 pounds