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For those Do-it-Yourselfers looking to customize an existing piece or those crafting a sword from the ground up, Paladin Forge offers loose hilt components to complement your blade!  We can work in a variety of materials including mild and stainless steel, brass, bronze, and copper.



Pricing on pommels starts at $30.  Pommels can come with a small starter hole to help guide you while you fit it to your piece, or we can use tang dimensions to create slots or even threaded pommels.


Here are some examples of our work.


Oakeshott Type H Disc


Bronze Disc Pommel with Inset


Hexagonal Pommel


Cat's Head Pommel


Oakeshott Type V1 Fishtail


Fluted Scent-Stopper





Pricing on guards starts at $25.  Our guards include slots for the tang (dimensions required) and optional inletting for the blade shoulders.


Here are some examples of previous guards we have made.


Tapered Bowie Guard


Fantasy Guard


Oakeshott Style 6 Curved


"Writhen" Style Twisted Guard


Oakeshott Style 4


Oakeshott Style 12


A Knight's Tale Hilt Set

This guard and pommel set was a custom order modeled after the sword used by Sir Ulrich in the film A Knight's Tale.


Component Blanks

In addition to fully finished hilt pieces, we also have blanks available for those looking to do the work themselves.  It doesn't always pay to purchase the raw material for a single project, since many vendors require minimum orders or don't stock small pieces.  So instead of paying for a 12-inch length of steel, you can now purchase a blank piece from us!  These blanks are roughly shaped but are unfinished.  Each piece includes a starter hole or slot.  Prices start at $10.


Here are some examples of blank hilt components we have crafted.


Simple Disc Pommel Blank


Scent-Stopper or Fishtail Pommel Blank


Small Guard Blank


Large Guard Blank